High Performance Corrugator Grease

No loss of high temperature, no carbon build-up, long life grease

Corrugated Roll Application Requirements

  • Temperatures up to 240°C
  • Low to medium speed (200 – 350 rpm)
  • Lubrication intervals of approx. 4 weeks or more
  • Water vapour erosion
  • Contaminated working environment

Common Problems

  • Severe carbon build-up
  • High temperature loss
  • Extrusion of grease
  • Severe bearing wear
  • Bearing seized
  • Running noise
  • Frequent greasing
  • High cost

Analysis of Causes

●  Grease Separation – Oiling
Specific performance: The grease becomes thinner in consistency and flows out from the bearing.
Reason: The grease can not withstand high temperature and shear environment for a long time, the structure of soap base in the grease is destroyed, the oil and soap are separated, so it is softened and lost.

●  Grease carbonisation – Coking
Specific performance: bearing wear is serious or directly hold dead, similar to dry friction. After opening the bearing, it is found that the grease is no longer in semi-fluid state, instead of black charcoal.
Reason: The hydrocarbons in the grease, which play a role in lubrication, undergo a chemical reaction such as oxidation at high temperatures and eventually turn into carbides.

●  Insufficient lubrication – Wear and Seizing
Specific symptom: During regular maintenance, there is semi-fluid grease on the bearing, but the bearing is severely worn.
Reason: Insufficient lubrication capacity of the grease prevents the formation of boundary lubrication or extreme pressure lubrication between the friction parts. This means that the grease has no or limited lubricating effect and the bearings are still in direct contact with each other.

Application Recommendations

Products​Overview​Product Substitution​Grease Change Cycle​Grease Adding Cycle​Application Equipment​
CMG 555 Corrugator Grease​PTFE & PFPEBHS PERFLU V250; Krytox GLP 226/227; Kluber AR 555; LUBCON LP 2502; NYE Corr 140500 hours or 12 months3 monthsBHS; AGNATI; SIMON; MITSUBISHl; ISOWAUCM; UCM; LANGSTON; FOSBER
CMG 648 Corrugator Grease​Synthetic hydrocarbons & PolyureaKluber HB74-401/GH 461/GH 462; J.S. Machine tile line grease 1#1000 hours or 3 months1 monthJ.S.Machine; MarquipWardUnited; HSIEH HSU; WANLIAN; Shandong Mingwei; YUELI Machinety; TAIWAN XIEYANG; HANKUK PACKAGE
CMG 645 Corrugator Grease​Synthetic hydrocarbons & PolyureaMobil SHC 100/460; BRUGAROLAS KOMPLEX HT-2/G300 hours or 1 month15 daysVarious Low- Speed Production Lines

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