Lubricating Greases for Speed Reducer

Reducer lubrication application solutions

● Load and Wear Resistance
Leakage and Extreme Environments
Compatibility and Enhancement

Enabling Innovation in Industrial Automation

  • In modern planetary drives, in order to meet the performance of heavy load conditions (outer diameter size to be small), however, planetary drives, often the weaker link in the transmission of gears, in order to improve the reducer load carrying capacity, so there is a need to improve the performance of involute cylindrical gears under heavy loads, to meet the needs of heavy loads.
  • In addition to gear module, tooth angle, gear precision and error, tooth root and tooth surface reinforcement, input speed, gear repair, gear materials and other factors, improper selection and use of lubricants is one of the main causes of gear failure.
  • Wallimore series grease provides a good solution for planetary gearbox lubrication application.

Reduce Friction

ensure effective protection

  • Metal surface contact triggered by high loads can lead to rupture of the oil film, which in turn increases the wear of the equipment.
  • Surface friction due to poor lubrication leads to energy. consumption and higher gearbox operating temperatures.
  • Frequent starts and stops create unavoidable vibration wear and tear.
  • Excellent grease with good lubrication properties under high loads to minimize wear and maintain precision of robot arm movements.

Avoiding Leakage

loss of base oil is the main factor that triggers grease leakage

  • Loss of base oil leads to increased grease consistency, reduced fluidity, additive depletion, and reduced lubrication capacity, resulting in wear of the reducer.
  • Wet and even corrosive working environments can present even more demanding challenges to the proper functioning of gearboxes.
  • Wallimore HRE 00 has a more stable microfiber structure that effectively reduces excessive oil separation and thus inhibits grease leakage.


Compatible with metals and seals

  • Effectively increase the service life of the reducer
  • Extend the oil change cycle, reduce maintenance costs.
  • Reduces operating temperature and energy consumption.

Which Friction Point do you Want to Lubricate?

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