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BBECHEM develops and produces high-performance lubricating greases for a multitude of industrial applications and for the toughest requirements, whether for harsh conditions in heavy industry, demanding applications in automotive engineering, or the food and pharmaceutical industry.  


We offer users a huge range of lubricating greases for roller bearings, gear boxes, fittings, as well as plastic and electronic components. Developed in accordance with the latest findings in the field of tribology, the range meets the requirements of our customers in the area of friction, wear, and lubrication, as well as our commitment to sustainability.

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  • Lubricating greases for rolling and plain bearings
  • Lubricating greases for open and closed gears
  • Lubricating greases for chassis and brake technology
  • Lubricating greases for plastic lubrication
  • Lubricating greases for fittings
  • Lubricating greases for electrical contacts
  • Railroad lubricants
  • Environmentally compatible lubricating greases
  • Lubricating greases for the food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Lubricating greases for the textile industry

BECHEM Lubricating
Greases Are

From extremely cold to very hot

Reliable, cost-effective lubrication under tough conditions requires not only the use of high-performance lubricants, but also experience in correct application. BECHEM has the necessary expertise to provide individual consultation to users.  

BECHEM has also developed a process for analyzing the conveying behavior of lubricating greases in central lubrication systems. This process applying the BECHEM rheometer curve, which is measured using rotation viscometers, offers significant time and cost savings.

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High-performance lubricating greases for telescopic booms

High performance crane greases

Special products

Registered and certified

BECHEM registered H1, H2, and H3 food-grade lubricants cover a broad range of applications and meet the standards and requirements placed on the food-grade lubricants. They fulfil the strict requirements of international organizations for product tests and certifications, and are halal- and kosher-certified.

Tip: For extremely high demands, for example on the wear behavior, BECHEM offers the high-performance Berulub WP 402 H1 product.

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When you need things to be whisper-quiet

Berutemp PE 2-10 HS is a low-noise, high-speed lubricating grease in noise class GN4, which is already in use in extremely high-speed hybrid bearings at speeds of n x dm = 2.25 million.

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