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Thermal paste is a key material widely used in various instruments and electronic devices to facilitate heat conduction and insulation. It is suitable for applications involving semiconductor thermometers, temperature sensors, and electronic components such as transistors and semiconductor devices in conjunction with heat-dissipating elements like heat sinks, heat bars, and casings. This specially designed thermal paste is intended for thermal conduction between electronic components with low to medium power density, such as transistors, diodes, and thyristors, among others. Additionally, our thermal paste exhibits excellent resistance to oxidation and aging, ensuring long-term thermal performance without degradation. Importantly, these products are safe and non-toxic, odorless, and do not react chemically with plastics or metals, making them an ideal lubricant for electronic components. In summary, thermal paste plays a crucial role in the modern electronics and electrical industry, ensuring efficient device operation in high-temperature environments and safeguarding electronic components from the adverse effects of excessive heat.

Anti-Seizes & Thread Lubricants

Anti-seize compounds are lubricating materials used to alleviate the issues of corrosion and subsequent seizing of bolts, fasteners, flanges, and other clamping surfaces, as well as base materials. They find extensive application in scenarios with high-temperature, high-pressure loads, and potential environmental exposure that can accelerate the jamming of components and fasteners. These compounds are typically applied during assembly and reapplied during reassembly after maintenance procedures.

1. Copper-Based Anti-Seize Compound: Used in automotive applications such as spark plug threads and ground screws, capable of withstanding high temperatures (1800°F).

2. Zinc-Based Anti-Seize Compound: Applied to aluminum or aluminum alloy components to provide corrosion protection, with a working range of -20°F to +750°F.

3. Non-Metallic Anti-Seize Compound: Suitable for high-salt and high-humidity environments, particularly ideal for marine applications, withstanding temperatures of up to 2400°F.

4. Marine-Grade Anti-Seize Compound: Specifically designed for environments with high salt content, high humidity, and exposure to intense spraying and splashing, preventing galvanic corrosion. Suitable for aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and soft metals.

5. Food-Grade Anti-Seize Compound: Manufactured from white oil and used in food processing machinery, with high-temperature resistance (up to +750°C).

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